RINGO BATH Bin / Handmade

Smart, hygienic and aesthetic, RINGO BATH Bin features an opening on top so it's not necessary to lift the lid. The hole on the top is large enough for its contents, but small enough to conceal the waste. 100% bamboo, it's not only eco-chic, but innovative - inside and out. Quick drop opening. Content : 3 L.

The EKOBO Handmade products are handcrafted by the traditional spun technique: a bamboo pole is cut with a machete, thin strips are wound in a spiral and assembled with a natural glue. It is then sanded, polished and painted.

Stain and odor resistant
Wash with soap and water and dry thoroughly

* Note: Though our products are hand-crafted with the greatest care, slight colour changes or product imperfections may occur.

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