RINGO LAUNDRY Bin / Handmade

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The RINGO LAUNDRY bin offers seemingly uninterrupted lines between body and lid, blending perfectly into a contemporary bathroom. It features a circular opening in the lid to easily toss smaller laundry, as well as a hidden ring on the interior of the base to secure a laundry bag. Quick drop opening. Removable ring for laundry bag. Content : 45 L.

The EKOBO Handmade products are handcrafted by the traditional spun technique: a bamboo pole is cut with a machete, thin strips are wound in a spiral and assembled with a natural glue. It is then sanded, polished and painted.

Stain and odor resistant
Wash with soap and water and dry thoroughly

* Note: Though our products are hand-crafted with the greatest care, slight colour changes or product imperfections may occur.

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