Since its creation in 2003, EKOBO has evolved from experts in bamboo tableware into a home living brand specialising in the design and manufacture of contemporary home accessories made from ecologically-sensitive materials, including  bamboo, cotton and cork.


EKOBO chose bamboo because it is one of our earth’s most renewable resources. It is a fast-growing, naturally-regenerative woody grass which flourishes organically without pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides. It can be continuously harvested every 3 years without damaging the plant or the surrounding environment. The bamboo used in BIOBU products is collected from the sawdust that is shed from cutting and shaping bamboo chopsticks and bamboo flooring.


Cork production is sustainable due to the fact that the cork tree is not cut down to obtain cork; only the bark is stripped to harvest the cork. The tree continues to live and grow. The cork we’ve used in our designs is a conglomerate. It is made by combining the waste material (cork and dust granules) of industrial cork production and a LFGB approved food-safe resin.

100% Organic Cotton

The EKOBO Home textile range is inspired from traditional Turkish bath cloth or “Peshtemal” which is absorbent and fast-drying. Made with 100% ultra-soft organic cotton yarn and Oeko-Tex Standard certified dyes, each piece is hand-finished, and features colourful details that give a modern twist to an ancient textile. GOTS certified product.