Our silicone baby plates have been designed with pint-sized appetites and active eaters in mind! Made of 100% food-grade silicone, our baby feeding plate features a wide suction base that sticks firmly to flat surfaces. It is easy for adults to remove by lifting the tab, but tricky for tots to toss or tip over. If they do take a tumble, they are unbreakable! The suction plate will stick to almost any surface, such as plastic, glass, metal, stone, and sealed wooden surfaces. Be sure surfaces are not porous and are clean and free of crumbs, food, or dirt. Lightweight and easy to clean, they are perfect for use at home or on the go.

Are Silicone Baby Plates Microwave Safe?

Our silicone baby plates are also less messy for parents and caregivers. 

Like the rest of our silicone baby feeding range, our silicone plates are suitable for the freezer, microwave, and oven (up to 440°F).  You can heat food (and even bake!) and serve it directly to your tot without creating loads of extra dishes for yourself. Be sure to check that the plate and food are cool enough for the baby.

Is Silicone Plate Safe for Babies? 

The non-toxic and food-grade silicone that is approved by FDA is safe as it does not contain any chemical byproducts. Silicone is soft and flexible material it is a convenient alternative to plastic. Plates made of silicone will not break into several pieces when dropped which is safe for your babies.

Not sure where to start serving up the first foods on a plate? There’s no hard-fast rule. Babies hit developmental milestones at different times. But when they are ready, remember, making a mess is a part of self-feeding babies. Touching, smearing, and smushing foods with their hands helps them with sensorial development, fosters fine motor skills, and gives them the freedom to explore and identify new textures and flavors, and food combinations. However, placing food directly on the high-chair tray will most likely lead them to swipe it from side to side (think windshield wipers :) with most of the meal ending up on them or on the floor. Starting babies off with a boundary - like a plate or a bowl with high rims - allows them to scoop up new foods against the edge of the dish. A deep plate also helps keeps sauces and foods as peas contained! 

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