Our products are made where the bamboo grows...
Fresh Bamboo
We're often asked why our products are made in China. We proudly manufacture our products where we source our primary material!! Because China grows 80% of bamboo in Asia, we targeted select FSC-certified factories that specialize in manufacturing bamboo chopsticks. After the raw bamboo is cut and shaped, we are able to collect the vegetal "waste" for its next life. We grind the sawdust to a fine powder and mix it with an A5 resin and dry pigments to create our durable eco-design objects.
Our exclusive manufacturing partner is located near the chopstick factories around Shanghai and is specialized in transforming bamboo fibre on site. In addition to brand new facility, our factory is BSCI-compliant, meaning it meets all current safety standards and health codes and engages in social responsibility. All employees are paid a fair living wage and maintain regular working hours and observe holidays. Child labor is strictly forbidden. We work together with our factory to control of each step of the manufacturing process from design, to delivery. There are no intermediaries or 3rd parties involved in any part of the chain which allows us to guarantee the quality and safety of our production. Our exclusive material, BIOBU® eco-composite is a registered formula, and the result of more than eight years of R&D in bamboo fiber and almost 2 decades of expertise in working with bamboo.
BIOBU® Eco-Composite