The Safe & Non-Toxic Dinnerware For the Right Milestone.

We get lots of questions about how to introduce baby self-feeding and non-toxic dinnerware.

Here's our guide: 

6mo +

Silicone Training Cups:

  • Around 6 months: Most children can take small sips from an open cup that’s held by a parent or caregiver.
  • Around 12 months: Most children can start to grab the handles and use the open cup correctly.

Our baby training cup features easy-grip handles on each side to help your tot to grip the cup in a stable way. They're also unbreakable, soft and flexible to protect baby’s gums and developing teeth. Start with very small amounts of water to reduce spills that will inevitably happen as they get up to speed with drinking from a cup. As they learn, you can increase the amount of liquid in the cup.


Silicone Suction Bowls: 

If you’re moving on from spoon-feeding to baby-led weaning and toddler self-feeding our silicone suction bowls are ideal for this stage. Our silicone baby bowls have been carefully designed to meet feeding milestones of functionality and safety. Our bowls are unbreakable, feature high-rims for active eaters, rounded edges to protect developing teeth and a sturdy silicone base to keep the dish in place! Not too big, they offer the right portion size for a serving of first foods like purees, yogurt and baby cereal. They also supports baby-led weaning feeding methods.

Silicone Suction Plates and Divided Plates:

Thinking about serve first foods on a plate? There’s no hard-fast rule. Babies hit developmental milestones at different times. But when they are ready, remember, making a mess is a part of self-feeding tots. Touching, smearing and playing with foods with their hands helps them with sensorial development, fosters fine motor skills and gives them freedom to explore and identify new textures. However, placing food directly on the high-chair tray will most likely lead them to swipe it from side to side with most of the meal ending up on them or on the floor. Start baby off with a boundary - like a silicone baby plate or bowl with high rims (ours!). That will allow them to scoop up new foods against the edge of the dish. A deep plate also helps keeps sauces and foods like peas contained! 

When your tot is more interested in the meal than throwing the plate, then they're ready to move on to kid's tableware. 

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