Start small.

Adapting to the unexpected; the one thing this year has asked of us. Yet, while a global pandemic is new to our generation, global warming is still stoking on the back burner. And with all time time at home, there's never been a better time to reflect on how and where we can adjust our current lifestyles to welcome a greener one. Changing habits doesn't have to feel like a sacrifice. Go little by little, with advanced planning so you've got a cloth grocery bag handy rather than paper or plastic, or move from filling a bath to an efficient shower. And, we've spent years thinking on the topic, how our objects can help facilitate eco-gestures. Check out these daily essentials we've designed to help you jump into a lifestyle that is more gentle on our planet. From our wide range of products, here are 5 star players that not only make sustainable living good-looking, but also lasting:


1.Measuring cups set

To measure or to serve? That is no longer a question as this set of measuring cups is also for serving dips and snacks. Versatility at its finest.



2.Compostable sponge set

It's simple to wipe out synthetic sponges and paper towels!
Our reusable, green alternative made from 100% natural materials -
70% FSC-certified cellulose, 30% cotton and vegetal dyes. 
Use and re-use them all over the house and better yet, outdoors (camping or boating) where disposal is even more delicate! 


3.Reusable coffee cup

Can you image what 1.6 billion discarded paper cups look like? Not a nice image. This reusable coffee cup was made to paint a better picture Its lid is multi-purpose as it doubles as an anti-slip coaster.


4.Travel soap box

As much as we wish we could actually travel nowadays, this soap box is still so convenient for keeping your soap clean, and ready to use anywhere.


5. Mix bowl and colander set

A 5-in-1 zero-waste kitchen super hero. Our mix bowl and colander set gives you a common-sense solution that simplifies the task of rinsing fruits and vegetables while collecting and recycling water for household plants or other domestic purposes. The multi-purpose handy bowl is also made for mixing. Its ergonomic easy-to-grip handle doubles as a spout for pouring mixed ingredients.



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